Spirit Rescue Work

Do not stand at my grave and weep.
I am not there. I do not sleep.

I am a thousand winds that blow.
I am the diamond glints of snow.
I am the sunlight on ripened grain.
I am the gentle autumn rain.

When you awake in the morning hush.
I am the swift uplifting rush
of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the soft stars that shape the night.

Do not stand at my grave and cry,
I am not there; I did not die.


What happens when ... a person dies.

They should gently and completely separate into the two entities, the material vehicle that was the body, which is buried, or cremated, and the spiritual being. In this state, before healing, they remain the whole personality, faults, fears, beliefs, emotions, feelings, illnesses, wounds .. everything including ego.

In the seventy two hours between the death of the body and the full releasing of the spirit the person should rest, "sleeping" a lot, and as the time draws near for them to cross 'over' they can then visit family and friends. It doesn't always happen that way.

When the spirit reaches the crossing point he or she is greeted in some form, by family or angels or whomever will be the best person for that person to see. They are taken into a place of healing and this is where the 'miracle' happens.

Our personality is formed from our life experiences, and beliefs etc, but that personality is not the true self, but only an aspect of it. One small jigsaw piece in a very large picture. In this place of healing the being releases the attachment to that personality, and all its constructs, and is for a moment 'perfect' and without flaw, as our Creator made each of us. In that perfection all things are possible, and it is from that point that the being is then given back all that they have been in the lifetime they have just left - so that they can work through it from the point-of-view of an event that is outside themselves.

It is as though the being is viewing an internal movie of their life in surround-sound 3-D with all emotional content, with every sense - all noises and smells, all understanding of motives, of their every thought and action .. the why, the how, the who .. with the understanding that they chose the lifetime and everything that happened in it, and that these were doorways into their 'new' understanding of themselves as a perfect being of Spirit/God - from a detached standpoint.

In that perfect moment they also know who they are now, and who they have been in all their other lifetimes and everything they have learned through them, and in a sense they know God, for they can see that aspect in themselves. And from there we choose the next step - whether it is back onto the karma wheel and into another lifetime, whether we have 'time', or a rest, in the Spirit Realms, whether we choose a different path and become Spirit Guides. There are many possibilities. It is always up to us.

Why we become ghosts.

A ghost is a spirit that still has its ego attached. The ego is a limiting, frightened, child that wants everything to remain the same, in a safe pattern of behaviour, in a safe 'world', in an standable place and time .. and traps the ghost in the memories that caused him or her to make this choice after dying. The only time a person might not choose is if they died suddenly, in shock, and haven't yet woken up to the fact that they no longer have a living body.

This is an unnatural state of being that has to be supported by energy drawn, or stolen, from the living (which is why we have the legends of 'hungry' ghosts. Ghosts are drawn back to the living, many because they do not realise they have another choice, many because they have bad habits they want to continue to enjoy eg. alcoholism, drug abuse, mental and physical abuse of others .. and then there are the multitude of other reasons people become ghosts - simple things like not wanting to leave their families in crisis, or because they fear the future, or judgment of some kind, or have no belief in an afterlife, so that when they actually do have an opportunity to step through the door of change, they cannot accept it because their personality denies its existence. And then there are the murderers and rapists, and soldiers who cannot find peace with their previous actions, that deny themselves that peace for reasons that often have more to do with self-pity and fear than because they cannot face their actions. And while that comment might upset some people, in the 30 years of dealing with ghosts that I have lived, more are trapped by negative emotions such as pity, than those trapped by fear - even of the unknown and hell.

And then there are those who have taken their own lives. Instead of crossing into healing they can often believe that they will go straight to hell, which is not true. They cross into healing just as every other human does. The hell they experienced was probably on earth, but each lifetime must be concluded to its correct ending, whether long or short, so a person who ends it before the right time will repeat it. They go back into another lifetime, very much like the first, and live through the same experiences - but, because they understand all that lead to their ultimate choice, they willingly go back into 'life' to finish that particular journey. The only ones who do not go through this process are those who choose to spend some time as lost souls (ghosts), until they are ready to go into healing.

No matter how long a ghost has been lost, or what the being did to put themselves there,
all of us are also truly Loved and completed Accepted.
It is the greatest gift Spirit can give us - unconditional Love.

Why don't they all communicate..."

The only reason a spirit might choose not to communicate with their loved ones is if it was not in their best interests. Often they communicate in ways that we do not really notice, such as a sense of presence we deny feeling, or other small things that we mark up to co-incidences or our imagination.

I agree it can be very frustrating for the people left behind if they truly want some proof of life after death, but if they already believe in it, giving them 'more' proof is sometimes counter-productive. The guides have taught me that there is more healing energy in believing in life after death, than there is in 'knowing' it exists without a doubt. People no longer have to put any energy into something that they 'know'.

Plenty of people have died in my family without leaving a message to say they are still alive in Spirit, but I know they are, and I trust that if it was vital for my healing, they would leave some sign of their presence, rather than just something to feed my ego.

Also remember that those who have died have their own issues, beliefs, fears, phobias, illnesses and attitudes to heal from. Like my father they might come back to visit after the healing takes place, rather than straight after dying when the trauma or pain of their lives is still too fresh. And for those who lived long and happy lives, do they have anything left to prove - or can we not simply know that they went to the 'better' place.

My personal feeling on this is that if someone has died in great pain, caused by any number of reasons, they need time to heal. And we need to let them. We need to give them time to find their own personal peace before expecting them to come back into our lives to satisfy our need to know they are still real. The problem with a visit from a spirit or ghost is that we can become attached to that entity, rather than releasing them into healing, just as they released their physical bodies when they died. Ghosts can become trapped on this plane because their family will not let them find the healing they need. They demand their presence too much until the ghost is so confused and unhappy it will stay to try and help the family.

Let go. And this is a message to everyone. Let go of those people that you love who are in Spirit so that they can come back when they have had their healing time. I'm sure you all know the saying ' the tighter you hold on to something, the quicker it slips through your fingers'.

Someone came to visit but I am not sure it is my Uncle Joe.. or whomever"

On a more serious note - there are beings in the spiritual energies that don't feel the same as the angels in various degrees of fluffy, or ghosts. :-) And believe me, angels come in different levels (strengths). I met a lower grade demon, and a very grumpy female spook who tried to bite me back in 2007. I love my rescuers. They kept her off me, and got rid of the demon, who had just finished lifting the male owner of the house up and slamming him on two walls in his hall. (All teeth & claws) When I got there the man was still shuddering. Actually there were two of them (demons). One was pretending to be an incubus in the first house. The second one I first mentioned.

You will know you meet a demon when your skin tries to crawl off your body and leave without you. The sensation is sharp, prickly, scratchy and horrible, among other sensations that can be nastier. (Demonology) That was the feeling I had in the front room of the first house (incubus). No angel ever creates that feeling.

If you meet it, leave.

I once had contact with a fallen angel who was pretending to be my guardian. (Fallen Angel Story) While he was a 'devil' (correct term for an ex-angel), he didn't make my skin crawl the way the demon I just mentioned did. But he didn't feel like an angel either, and certainly didn't act like one when he 'mooned' a good friend of mine in Minnesota who can see other people's guides. The fallen, and demons, quickly stop acting as the good guy once they think you are hooked. That's when 'you' need rescuing. Lost souls might try and get friendly, and confuse you with lovely words and heartfelt wishes, but the problem that binds him/her to earth will quickly materialise .. as either an increase in your emotional vulnerability, confusion, or fears .. or them losing their temper and 'acting out', which is upsetting to the household. Angels don't act like that - they don't share our human emotions, they are always calm, steady and profoundly loving.

Broken Hearts and Broken Minds

When a man or woman molests a child and then murders him or her they are definitely suffering from lack of good. If you do some research you might find that s/he had perhaps also suffered terrible abuse as a child - but people have a choice in how they respond to what happened to them.

Before anyone gets mad at me - I was an abuse sufferer. I had a choice, I could stay in that desperately unhappy state of mind, or I could choose to change and grow. I guess you can work out which choice I made. I forgave my abusers, and myself, and found happiness. I am not a fluffy sort of happy person but I have great peace most of the time.

Going back to the abovementioned man or woman - what is it in him or her that made them 'act out' their pain? Why do they pass the abuse on? It's a very deep psychological question and I don't know the answers but I can perhaps make a suggestion or two - because every case is different. In one case the person might be so damaged that they know no other way. In another they might have no sense of right or wrong (sociopath) - or the person might have just wanted to know what it felt like (psychopath). In another case 'the voices made me do it' .. schizophrenia or demonization, or both. In defining something as evil you have to understand what motivates it. For me, the second person could be seen as evil - or completely innocent because they lack some chemical- neurological connection in their brain that lets them understand that some things are not acceptable to our society. To me evil is someone who does exactly what they want regardless of the consequences of their actions to other people - when it hurts other people. Demons don't care about humans, we are fodder, all they care about is what they want for themselves - to feed, to feel whatever emotion it is that gives them peace. They deliberately cause harm because they find it fun... ok, a little too deep .. but I guess you get my drift. Everyone has their own version of what they find evil. And every one of us lives in our own version of reality. All our versions interact with each other, but we never can completely understand how another person views their world, or ours, because we are not living in their heads.

Rescue work in Practice

I have an event for you that I have lived through this weekend. (January 2006) Right now I am very sad, very sad for the family that lost someone they loved very much. And I am going to have to disguise some of the details, so let us call the young man Ralph and his 'sister' Jane.

Jane asked for help in finding her brother who had committed suicide at the end of last year. They do not know why he did it, and to my regret, I didn't find out. However, I did find him.

My usual request for finding lost souls is to get their full name and date of birth. The Michael (Archangel Rescue Workers) take it from there, finding the soul and bringing him or her into my energy.

When I contacted the lady I told her that I am not a classic medium, and explained that I might not be able to get any messages from the lost one. There are reasons for this that I will explain as we go along. The only thing I could guarantee to her was that her brother would get Home safely. That's my job.

So Ralph arrived in a 'state' - pretty much the usual one for new lost souls - total confusion, too many voices in his head, too much pain from uncertain memories. Was he dead, or was he just mad? It is hard to question a lost soul at the best of times, because they are so totally focused on their 'agenda' there is no room to listen to anyone else. I got a little out of him - no suicide note because he did not have the right words, but he had tried, so there might be something ... so confused. So hungry.

The Raphael (healing angel) comes and gently soothes the lost soul into sleep. In sleep they can forget the human connection they are still struggling to hold onto. In sleep they can find healing, let go of the recent events, lighten up in the energy. So he slept for many hours, until about 2.30am my time.

Then he woke up hungry.

Well, he was still human in his estimation (confusion) and he hadn't eaten lately he felt, and the only source of food he could see was me sleeping. LOL (Was I dinner, or just the provider of the meal?) So he came up close to me - and I woke up freezing cold under nice warm covers, cold shivers down my spine, groggy and already tiring rapidly - and cut off his feeder line and asked the Michael (his) to feed him some angelic energy instead, which she did. Then I went downstairs and refueled myself. I find vegemite, a very Australian spread, to be very grounding, and from grounding I could source the energy to refuel my internal batteries - the one young Ralph had drained. :-) It's kinda funny now because I grumbled all the way downstairs and back up again, and then couldn't get back to sleep ..
but Ralph went back to sleep.

There is special healing place for suicides. I have seen it a few times. It is a sort of round grotto, with white stone floors and walls and stone benches that are slightly curved. Very grecian or roman. Gothic columns, everything overgrown with beautiful green vines. Ralph slept there on a bench with his head in his guardian angel's lap. She never left him for a second .. as expected.

I finally went back to sleep when I was warm again. It took a while. When I woke up I answered an email from Jane as best I could. At her request I told her everything I had seen and experienced with Ralph so far. The small clues I could gather. It is not easy dealing with lost souls, they have nothing to give and want to take everything you have. They are selfish and uncaring, regardless of who they were, or how nice they might have appeared to be in life. They get lost for good reasons, or reasons that seem good to them at the time.

I was not expecting Ralph to wake up again until it was almost Home time. Instead he was up and about at 3.30pm. He came in my windows and was what appeared to be his 'bright and shiny' self, but the truth was he was hungry and wanted energy. I told him to sit down in the armchair beside me here on the other side of this room. He took some interest in the emails I was writing, and then I showed him the one I had written to Jane. He DIDN'T WANT TO REMEMBER. But I read some of it to him anyway while he sat in the chair and fed off my energy again. Then I cut him off.

By that time I was exhausted and grumpy so I decided to have a nap. I went and laid on my bed and he came and sat in the armchair in my bedroom. I couldn't relax or sleep, but he was soon back in 'sleep' so I asked his guardian, still standing right beside him, to take him back to the healing place, which she did. I was very grateful. I didn't think I could manage to deal with him again until his Home time, which I thought was somewhere around 8.30pm.

I was very restless and very tired and it was almost dinner time by then, so I went and ate and came back up here and waited for Ralph and wrote emails to various people. He came again at about 7.45pm. He was so much different by then. :-) So much lighter, so much happier - but still with the core that all lost souls have - the selfish self-focus. I did not give him any energy, and to his credit he did not try to take. Within 10 minutes a gate opened and his family came through to get him.

I haven't experienced that much Gate energy since Rescue circles. It is always delightful and I always want to go Home too, but that was his gate. He and an older man, and a very short grandmotherly lady, stood with his angel in a circle, all holding hands. They talked to him for a few minutes then drew him to the gate. He only resisted long enough to turn around and TELL me to tell his sister he was not 'lost' anymore. That is what he had read in the email I sent her. He was fine now. Tell the family ... and then they were gone and the gate was gone and I sat there feeling 'healthy' for the first time in 5 days. It is amazing how you feel after a lost soul releases the connection to your energy when they go Home. You feel GREAT!

This morning I again answered an email from the lady, but I could not answer her questions, except to explain how selfish lost souls are, how thoughtless they are in that state. How hungry they are. It is not the same as talking to spirits who have gone Home, had healing, and come back to visit. It is a constant exhausting drain.

This adventure started my saturday afternoon and finished 8.00pm last night, 5 days later.
I will be fine tomorrow.

That is rescue work at its best, but not at its hardest. I told a couple of friends I was 'babysitting a ghost'. :-)

Does it sound a little strange? It is always vivid at the time. :-) Not every rescue is like that, but the pattern is the same. The person dies, the spirit awakes in a new world - a little at a time.

Remember that for when it is your turn.

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I am always grateful for the gift of a donation.

Thank you!

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