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Over the years since joining the internet I have had many blogs. Deleted quite a few of them because I don't believe in spilling my secrets onto the internet, but sometimes its just nice to have a blast, particularly when the challenges of life are just a bit too much, or to start a conversation about a subject that truly interests me, and Facebook is not really a good location for long conversations, or even scattered thoughts.

And then there are my true loves, confronting the conflicts within a mind that wants to be able to have one foot in each 'camp', so to speak Ö being both a Metaphysicist and a Christian Theologian. As a young adult I was told it wasn't possible, but I've been living it for the past 30 years, so obviously it is .. only am I going to hell or not, because according to cerain angels I know, no one goes there .. ?

And then there was the forgetful, busy mind, that loses links and blog sites, and changes email addresses and passwords .. and then suddenly rediscovers the blogs, by mistake, and doesn't really want to delete them, or condense them, because they were appropriate to their time .. and still are alive and well in my heart.

So here they are, the four that remain, for many different reasons:

The Mystery of God's Books

I am a Christian Theologian with a deep interest in the ways of the human mind and heart. I examine the Christian Bible from many directions, as a believer in the Christ energy, in the person of Jesus as a man, but with the Metaphyicist's sceptical eye, and the Redactor's enquiring mind, which seeks proof and confirmation, rather than just 'believing anyway'. I dissect the books of the Bible, question the contradictions, and seek to know the mind of God through the writings of ancient people's, many of whoms works do not belong in the book of Belief of the Israelites, that became the book of Belief for the Christians.

Chasing Rainbows

This is a blog on the lighter side of the Christian experience, designed to be a little silly at times. When I think of Chasing Rainbows I am always reminded of the song "I'm forever blowing bubble ..", you might remember it. I've chased many dreams, and followed many rainbows, in my desire to understand myself as both the Christian and the Metaphysicist.

Spiritual Soapbox

I donít rant very often, but there are times when people in either the new age industry or the Christian industry irritate the blazes out of me, so, instead of speaking my mind directly to them, knowing full well they seldom listen, I blow off steam here. If the shoe fits where it, but I never mention names.

Sacred Gates

And then there are the lovely places, people, events, and experiences that I might choose to share with the world. Here you'll find my thoughts and feelings on journey with Spirit and the angels. I am a Gatekeeper and a Spiritual Warrior. We work with Sacred Gates.

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