Ama Nazra

Sacred Gates

This site is called Sacred Gates for two reasons.

The first is that each of us steps through a sacred doorway
every time we choose to change our lives in a profound way.

The second is because I am a Gatekeeper,
working with the Michael angels
to help both the living and the dead.

Every lifetime is a sacred journey,
from place to place and event to event.
We renew or recreate ourselves
through the trials and challenges,
and then, like every traveller,
we rest for a while before moving on.

It is the same process of every individual
within the Spirit of Humanity.
We struggle for knowledge and wisdom on our journey,
not just for ourselves, but to share with others.
This is my sharing place ..

The Sacred Gates site is divided into many parts:
Metaphysical, Paranormal & Theological.

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Heirarchy of Heaven
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